Welcome to RefluxRaft! Our First Natural Supplement for Heartburn

Today marks an exciting day here for the team at RefluxRaft as we publicly launch our first natural supplement for acid reflux and heartburn, RefluxRaft Lemon Ginger - on which we have been working in a quasi-stealth mode since the middle of 2021.  

Born in Charlottesville out of the work of two of the world's leading otolaryngologists, Dr. Spencer Payne and Dr. James Daniero, who had been experimenting in their basements on natural acid reflux supplements for nights and weekends for years, RefluxRaft is a revolutionary leap forward in the field of natural remedies for the symptoms of acid reflux.  Its alginate-based antacids gel paired with the natural powers of licorice and ginger harnesses the power of the sea, soothes and even prevents debilitating acid reflux related symptoms.  If you have struggled with reflux before, we hope that you will try our all natural, organic product.

The journey begins today with RefluxRaft Lemon Ginger – but we hope that you will come along in the coming months and years as our roadmap for the second half of 2022 and beyond includes a variety of new flavors, increasingly consumer friendly packaging and a host of other improvements.