The Science Behind

Alginate Therapy

Alginate Therapy is a natural solution to relieve reflux by acting as a mechanical blocker and GERD supplement. The thickening and gelling properties of alginates help form the raft that delivers lasting reflux relief.

  • Alginates are an all-natural extract from kelp
  • Naturally forms a gel to keep stomach contents in their natural space for proper digestion
  • Alginate Therapy has been proven to be effective for GERD symptoms
  • Naturally digests and breaks down, never entering your bloodstream and eliminating side-effects

Reflux Relief That Harnesses
The Power of Alginates

RefluxRaft utilizes the power of raft-forming alginates to deliver immediate relief from unpleasant reflux symptoms. Although alginate antacids are fairly new to much of the acid reflux world, pharmacies in Europe and the food industry have been utilizing the natural thickening properties of alginates for years.

Our unique formula not only harnesses the power of Alginate Therapy, but is also enhanced with other natural ingredients, such as ginger and licorice for additional digestive health benefits. RefluxRaft utilizes the anti-inflammatory and prokinetic properties of ginger and also uses deglycyrrhizinated licorice as a demulcent (a substance that forms a soothing protective layer over mucous membranes) for an extra layer of protection, thus eliminating the need to take ginger supplements for
acid reflux.


Nature is the Key

Right after you take RefluxRaft, the natural ingredients will form a protective barrier that sits on top of your stomach contents. Within minutes, the gel will thicken and form a raft to keep acid down and the natural protective ingredients will go to work, so you can go about your day. The raft will remain in place until it is naturally broken down, providing lasting relief from heartburn, throat pain, and regurgitation.

How Our Formula Works

Feeling Better
Starts Here

We know how unpleasant acid reflux can be and that is why we wanted to formulate an acid reflux supplement that can provide immediate and lasting relief. Say goodbye to heartburn, regurgitation, and stomach pains with RefluxRaft.

RefluxRaft is great for those who prefer herbal supplements for acid reflux. Our unique formula contains all-natural ingredients that were carefully chosen so we could bring you a natural solution that is safe for everyone to use including those with high blood pressure and pregnant women.

Ready to start feeling better? Try RefluxRaft today.

More About How & Why It Works

Unlike other acid suppression supplements, RefluxRaft stops reflux from happening in the first place to prevent the “reflux” part of acid reflux. The combination of nutraceuticals in the formulation creates a soothing coating in the throat, esophagus, and stomach, which keeps the body safe from corrosive reflux disorders.

The protective barrier, or raft, will sit on top of your stomach contents, providing lasting relief by keeping acid where nature intended.

INSIDE THE LAB - See what happens when RefluxRaft is added to acid

Stop Reflux In It's Tracks.


Discover how RefluxRaft harnesses the power of Alginate Therapy for acid reflux. We believe that digestive wellness is a key component of overall health and feeling good. RefluxRaft is the safe, all-natural way to reduce acid reflux for fast relief that lasts!