About Us

Doctor-formulated and Doctor-approved, RefluxRaft was created with you in mind.

Developing RefluxRaft

With decades of patient experience and feedback, otolaryngologists (ENTs), Drs. Payne and Daniero, designed RefluxRaft because they wanted to see change. After years of observing the harsh side effects of both prescription and over-the-counter medications, they knew there had to be a better, safer, and more complete approach. That’s how RefluxRaft was started, to find a better, more holistic way to help patients without having collateral damage to their bodies.

RefluxRaft is a natural mechanical blocker that keeps acid compartmentalized without ever entering your bloodstream. It is formulated with seaweed, ginger, and other natural ingredients to deliver a new
kind of relief.

Our Lab

Drs. Payne and Daniero started experimenting with all-natural ingredients and nutraceuticals in their kitchen lab during the pandemic of 2020 and discovered the perfect formulation to prevent acid reflux and soothe its symptoms. 

RefluxRaft’s corporate headquarters are located in Charlottesville, Virginia.

The Power of Alginate Therapy

Alginate Therapy is a natural solution to relieve reflux by acting as a mechanical blocker. The thickening and gelling properties of alginates help form the raft that delivers lasting reflux relief. 

RefluxRaft utilizes alginates and other natural ingredients to form a protective barrier that sits on top of your stomach contents. Within minutes, the gel will thicken and form a raft to keep acid down so you can go about your day. The raft will remain in place until it naturally breaks down, providing lasting relief from heartburn, regurgitation, and bloating.

Naturally Blocks Acid Reflux


Get immediate relief with RefluxRaft. No more heartburn, throat pain, or regurgitation. Can be taken immediately
after meals.

Zero Known Side Effects

Because RefluxRaft uses a natural gel “rafting” mechanism and not a medication, ingredients are never absorbed into the bloodstream. All the benefits, none ofthe
side effects.


Keeps reflux and GERD symptoms at bay for hours and all throughout the night so you can finally enjoy your meals and get a good night’s sleep. 

Executive Team

James J. Daniero MD MS

Dr. Daniero’s practice specializes in the medical and surgical treatment of laryngeal and esophageal disorders, including chronic throat pain, acid reflux, and difficulty swallowing. He is a fellowship-trained otolaryngologist with decades of experience helping patients deal with laryngeal and upper respiratory disorders.

Spencer C. Payne MD

Dr. Payne’s practice focuses on the medical and surgical treatment of disorders of the nose and sinuses. He is a fellowship-trained otolaryngologist with decades of experience helping patients deal with laryngeal and upper respiratory disorders.

Bill Porter JD

Bill Porter brings two decades of experience in Silicon Valley building and scaling early-stage start-ups and as a venture capitalist in ushering this standout product to market.

Do you
have reflux?


Discover how RefluxRaft harnesses the power of Alginate Therapy for acid reflux. We believe that digestive wellness is a key component of overall health and feeling good. RefluxRaft is the safe, all-natural way to prevent acid reflux for fast relief that lasts!