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Natural Reflux Relief

RefluxRaft harnesses the power of alginate therapy to quickly combat acid reflux and symptoms of GERD, naturally. Available in Lemon Ginger and soothing Midnight Berry + Melatonin, say goodbye to heartburn, throat discomfort, and indigestion!

Get 25% off your first bottle when you subscribe!

Immediate Reflux Symptom Relief That Lasts

RefluxRaft is an esophageal blocker that safely prevents the “reflux” part of acid reflux, naturally without altering your natural body chemistry.


Experience immediate relief with RefluxRaft, the top supplement for acid reflux. Take it right after meals for fast relief from acid reflux.

Zero Known Side Effects

By utilizing a natural alginate gel that forms a protective barrier, RefluxRaft targets the affected area directly, rather than affecting the entire body. With ingredients like licorice tailored for acid reflux, it offers all the advantages without any accompanying side effects.


Keeps reflux and GERD symptoms at bay for hours so you can finally enjoy your meals and get a good
night’s sleep.

All Natural Reflux Therapy

I was struggling with reflux symptoms despite taking twice a day prescription medication, and RefluxRaft made a huge difference in helping to get my symptoms under control. It even allowed me to add back some foods that I had previously had to cut out.

Enhanced Alginate Therapy provides temporary relief from acid reflux while incorporating other natural healing remedies. Unlike proton pump inhibitors that merely suppress stomach acid, alginate therapy offers relief through natural supplements for heartburn and other reflux symptoms.

By forming a protective raft over stomach contents, it coats the stomach and esophagus with a soothing gel, preventing the ascent of digestive acid and enzymes into the esophagus.


How RefluxRaft Works

RefluxRaft is an acid reflux supplement that harnesses the power of the sea to provide a safe and natural mechanical blocker that provides immediate reflux relief. The long-lasting gel uses kelp extract and other natural ingredients to coat the stomach and the esophagus with a protective layer so you can enjoy meals without experiencing acid reflux symptoms such as indigestion, after-meal coughing, and heartburn.


Why It Works

RefluxRaft prevents reflux from happening – the seaweed extract from kelp forms a coating in the throat, esophagus, and stomach, which keeps the body safe from corrosive acid.

This natural acid reflux supplement has a simple system: the seaweed extract forms a protective gel that acts as a floating “raft” to keep acid where it belongs: in the stomach. Other ingredients such as licorice and ginger help coat damaged areas and keep your system moving, offering natural ways to get rid of heartburn.

Doctor Formulated

With decades of experience, otolaryngologists (ENTs), Drs. Payne and Daniero, designed RefluxRaft because they wanted to see change. After years of observing the harsh side effects of both prescription and over-the-counter medications, they knew there had to be a safer and more complete approach to find the best supplements for acid reflux. That’s how RefluxRaft was started, to find a better, more holistic way to help patients without having collateral damage to their bodies.


Do you have
acid reflux?

Relief may be closer than
you think.

If any of these warning signs sound familiar, RefluxRaft might be for you:

  • Frequent heartburn after eating or at night
  • Waking up with acid or metallic taste
  • Frequent cough or throat clearing after meals
  • Mucus that is worse in the morning
  • Feeling a constant “lump” in your throat
  • Difficulty swallowing solid foods
  • Post-nasal drip

Feeling Better Starts Here

We believe that gut health wellness is a key component of overall wellness and feeling good. RefluxRaft is the safe, all-natural way to relieve, prevent, and protect against acid reflux and GERD.