Frequently Asked Questions

What is the complete list of ingredients in RefluxRaft?

RefluxRaft includes a proprietary blend of responsibly sourced all-natural food grade ingredients. Ingredients include: premium organic sodium alginate, sodium bicarbonate, potassium bicarbonate, organic Deglycyrrhizinated licorice, organic ginger, organic vegetable glycerin, calcium carbonate, non-acidic natural lemon flavor.

Is there sugar in RefluxRaft?

No, unlike other alginate products on the market, RefluxRaft is sugar and articifical sweetener free. RefluxRaft gets some sweetness from glycerine, a plant-based preservative that is a non-toxic and considered safe by the Environmental Working Group.

How much alginate is in each serving?

The RefluxRaft formula produces an effective acid-blocking gel (raft) from only 245mg of alginate due to the high-quality alginate used and a proprietary blend of ingredients including additional raft bulking from ginger and DGL. The effectiveness at this dose compares with other products containing significantly more alginate. For a demonstration of the effectiveness of RefluxRaft see our Science page.

Is there potassium in RefluxRaft?

Yes. The amount of potassium in RefluxRaft is less than one-fifth of a banana. If you have severe kidney disease, check with your doctor to make sure they think this product is safe for you.

Is there iodine in RefluxRaft?

No. Even though the alginate is derived from the sea (Kelp is a seaweed), there is no iodine or mercury in RefluxRaft.

Is RefluxRaft safe to take if I am pregnant and/or breastfeeding?

Studies of alginate use in pregnancy have shown no risks. RefluxRaft is the highest quality alginate. RefluxRaft does not get absorbed into the bloodstream, is fast-acting, has zero added sugar, and contains the lowest sodium content compared to other alginate therapies.

How much sodium is in the recommended dose of RefluxRaft

25mg of sodium is in a 5mL dose of RefluxRaft; this is less than a pinch of table salt.

Should RefluxRaft be served cold?

RefluxRaft does not need to be stored cold, but some have found it tasting/seeming similar to a pudding when taken cold.

How should RefluxRaft be stored?

RefluxRaft will last over two years if stored cold.

Is RefluxRaft Gluten-Free?

Yes, no grains containing gluten, or their derivatives, are used in RefluxRaft.

Is RefluxRaft Vegan?

Yes, only plant-based ingredients are used in RefluxRaft.

Is RefluxRaft Kosher?

All ingredients in RefluxRaft are plant-based (pareve). Additionally, no grains or leavening agents are used.

Can I take RefluxRaft if I am on proton pump inhibitors (PPIs)?

Yes. However, RefluxRaft requires some acid in the stomach to activate the raft, so it may be less effective if also taking a high-dose PPI at the same time.

How often can I take RefluxRaft?

RefluxRaft is a natural supplement that can be taken as often as you like, but we recommend after meals (particularly larger, spicy, meals) and at bedtimes for a total of 4 times per day. It can also be taken after alcohol, which can be a particularly potent stimulator of acid

Can I take RefluxRaft with other medications and supplements?

The ingredients in RefluxRaft should not negatively interact with prescription medications or supplements, but the absorption may be delayed if taken simultaneously. However, you should always check with your medical provider or pharmacist for any concerns.

Should I take RefluxRaft before or after meals?

Unlike many acid-preventive medicines, RefluxRaft should be taken after meals so it can soothe the throat and form a raft on top of the meal you just ate. It can also be taken at bedtime for relief through the sleeping hours while gravity is no longer helping to keep stomach contents from entering the esophagus (swallowing tube).

What is the recommended dosage?

The recommended dosage is 1 teaspoon (5mL) after each meal and before bed, unless otherwise directed by your physician.

Does the licorice in RefluxRaft have serious health side effects?

The serious side effects that you may be referring to that are related to licorice are generally associated with the raw form. The form of licorice used in RefluxRaft is Deglycyrrhizinated Licorice (DGL). It is an organic version that is Deglycyrrhizinated to remove the portion that causes the dangerous effects of licorice (such as elevated blood pressure). However, this form still maintains its effectiveness as a protective coating of the throat and esophagus (called a demulcent).

Is it manufactured using current good manufacturing practices?

Yes! We currently work with with a manufacturer called Yellow Emperor which has been GMP certified for years.

When can I expect my order to arrive?

It depends on the carrier and shipping type chosen. For those purchasing standard shipping with USPS it usually arrives in 3-5 business days.

Does RefluxRaft contain dairy, gluten, corn
or soy?

No! RefluxRaft is an all-natural, vegan product which does not contain any dairy, gluten, corn, soy, or derivatives!

Is it ok to drink water or any other fluids after taking RefluxRaft?

Yes, you can drink water after taking RefluxRaft but it will temporarily displace the raft formed by the alginate. However, the protective raft will shortly float back to the top of the stomach contents and provide the protective benefit and relief of reflux symptoms.

Do You Have Reflux?

Stop The Pain

Discover the power of Alginate Therapy with RefluxRaft. Relieve the unpleasant symptoms of acid reflux by stopping them in their tracks.

  • Natural alginates form a protective raft
  • Sits on top of stomach contents to keep acid where it was intended
  • Provides immediate relief from unpleasant symptoms
  • Raft lasts about 4 hours, providing lasting relief