What Symptoms Does RefluxRaft Help with and How Long will the Temporary Relief Last?

RefluxRaft is an all natural supplement using enhanced alginate therapy to offer immediate relief for acid reflux sore throat and temporary relief from many of the other symptoms resulting from esophageal reflux. Many people assume that the only symptoms of reflux are heartburn and indigestion because of the acid – however, an acid reflux throat can be damaging and create symptoms regardless of whether it is acidic or not. Even if the acid has been “neutralized” by other acid blockers or antacids, reflux can still create problems.  Because RefluxRaft is an enhanced alginate therapy it can target these symptoms of both acidic and non-acidic reflux.

Symptoms that RefluxRaft can be effective against include:


RefluxRaft is a natural antacid and all natural enhanced alginate therapy that forms a gel that floats on top of your stomach contents. The alginate, derived from brown seaweed, forms a hydrogel made of very long “polysaccharide” chains/molecules. Acid and enzymes produced by the stomach to break down the food that you eat do slowly work to break down the gel but it takes 3-4 hours for this to happen. Usually, the food and acid in your stomach has already passed along to your small intestine by then, so the relief, including immediate heartburn relief, should hopefully last until your next meal. While you can take RefluxRaft at any time you are experiencing problematic symptoms, best results, including the best heartburn medicine for immediate relief, are often found when RefluxRaft is taken after meals and at bedtime. Consuming water or foods good for acid reflux shortly after taking RefluxRaft shouldn’t limit how long relief should last, but it may temporarily move the raft so allow some time for the raft to do its work if you do eat or drink between meals.