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Natural Nighttime Reflux Relief with Alginate + Melatonin

Natural Nighttime Reflux Relief with Alginate + Melatonin

RefluxRaft PM: Midnight Berry

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RefluxRaft PM: Midnight Berry is a natural supplement to help acid reflux sufferers get a better night's sleep. It contains alginate, which forms a natural “raft” barrier to stop acid reflux in its tracks. It is enriched with 1mg of melatonin to promote the body's natural sleep cycle, while feeling refreshed the next day.

  • Created by caring doctors seeking a better and safer reflux supplement
  • Organic and natural ingredients, manufactured in the USA.
  • Half the sodium of similar brands, plus no added sugar or artificial sweeteners
  • Our ingredients act locally, not on the whole body, for a safe gentle approach

Important Information


Take 1-2 teaspoons (5-10 mL) of RefluxRaft as needed following meals and before bed.


RefluxRaft can be used multiple times per day for extended periods of time without side effects. However, if symptoms persist, please see your doctor.

RefluxRaft contains a small amount of sodium (25mg) and potassium (75mg). Although RefluxRaft contains less than one-fifth the amount of potassium as a banana, people with impaired kidney function should discuss use with their physician prior to taking it.

Melatonin may cause drowsiness. Take in the evening and do not drive or operate heavy machinery.


Key Ingredients: 

Sodium alginate- activates into its reflux-blocking gel form, Calcium alginate, in the presence of both an acid and Calcium source. The gel then floats, or “rafts,” in the presence of bicarbonate to provide its reflux blocking effect at the area it is needed most, near the gastroesophageal junction. 

1mg of melatonin- Promotes the body's natural sleep cycle, helping you gain restful nighttime relief from acid reflux symptoms.

Other Ingredients (including a proprietary mixture of bicarbonate) help buffer stomach acid and provide natural flavoring and coloring.

See How it Works

Discover how RefluxRaft, a natural supplement for GERD and reflux, uses raft-forming Alginate Therapy to form a protective barrier that stops severe reflux symptoms.

Watch as our advanced formula forms a protective raft that sits on top of stomach acid to keep acid down, and keep reflux symptoms at bay. 


How Our Formula Works